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Join the Movement!

Room 7

One School's Response gives back! Your financial backing will help support three incredible causes: Redeeming Love, an organization that brings restoration and care to women who have been trafficked in this area; The Protectors, an anti-bullying group that conducts workshops in schools to teach faculty and students how to combat bullying; and Foothill Christian School’s Faith in Action program, which keeps this exhibit running and provides students service opportunities to give back to their community and the world.

Our collective goal is to foster within our children a desire to embrace the compassions of Christ and instill the habits of service throughout their lives. This generation of young people is not inspired by cheap talk and rhetoric. They are motivated and inspired to roll up their sleeves, get involved and pitch in to make a difference!

Students at Foothill Christian are learning that being a disciple of Jesus means not only following him in word, but also in deed. We are committed to helping students develop an active faith that serves others through our Faith in Action program. This program was recognized by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as a national exemplary school program. Whether it’s serving the poor of Los Angeles at the Union Rescue Mission, passing out school uniforms and shoes in the Dominican Republic or putting on children’s programs in the Navajo Nation or San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, Foothill's students are given age-appropriate ways to make a difference in our world


Conversation Starters

What will YOU do to foster empathy, understanding, and belonging within your circle?

In this room there is a wall covered with students’ commitments to perform acts of kindness. Guests are encouraged to remove one child's card and commit to praying for that child throughout the year. There is also an area to back their commitments monetarily, affirming their aspirations and efforts to “be the change” they want to see in this world. With your support (and as more and more cards are removed) you will help complete the picture and bring the children’s promises to fruition. There is also a place to sit on a swing with a companion, symbolizing the coming together of two different, unique people to join the movement we have started.

A portion of all proceeds will benefit ministries such as Redeeming Love, an organization that provides support and restoration for survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, The Protectors, an organization that comes into schools and equips staff and students with anti-bullying strategies and initiatives to implement on campus and Foothill Christian School's Faith in Action program, that keeps this exhibit open and empowers students to serve their school, community, and world in the name of Jesus.

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